By Appearance In Play:




1. Deep In The Ground

2. Land Across The Atlantic  

3. Melting Pot 

4. Hit ‘Em Again He’s Irish 

5. Pushcart Tony 

6. World’s Fair

7. The Levee 

8. Get Out The Vote  

10. Big Bill, Len Small

13. Ladies of Temperance 

11. That’s Why We’re Wet!

12. Prohibition!




1. Wide Open Town

2. Watch Out For That Cermak!

3. Big Bill The Builder!

4. Reform!

5. Cicero

6. Guys Like Us (Men Like You)

7. Rata-tat-tat!

8. Hooverville

9. The Party’s Over

10. Killing A King

11. “I’m Glad It Was Me”



Michael Greitzer, Book And LyricsMG54

As a published playwright and musician from Chicago, Michael Greitzer has always concentrated on the writing aspect of art and performance. Although he and his band, ‘The Eldorado Lounge’ played some of Chicago’s sharpest live venues, Greitzer found his love was in the craft of the words, beit in the story or the song.

“The story of Tony Cermak’s life is the story of Chicago itself”, Greitzer says, “Exclusive of the fact that he was born a poor coal-miner’s kid and become the mayor of the city, Cermak thrived through its most memorable decades and within its most remarkable events.  Believe it or not, because the history is so rich, it was a pleasure to write.”


A.J. Braman, MusicAJ TONY PIC

Formally educated at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, A.J. Braman has learned to play, and love playing, almost everything.  His passion for composition, collaborative jazz, and live performance have kept him traveling, working with brilliant players, and building a career in American music.

“I’ve tried to use some of the musical styles of the era, infused with a good deal of ‘theatrical’ arrangements, to create ‘Tony’s’ score.  A few of the songs will require a great sense of timing from the actors, and we think it will be a lot of fun to see the story unfold onstage.”