Hello! The authors and associates of ‘Pushcart Tony, The True Story of Anton Cermak And Chicago’ are seeking an equity director to begin development of this musical play’s second performances. It’s premiere staging was at the Vittum Proscenium Theatre in Chicago’s Noble Square in June of 2016. Last January, Broadway World Chicago awarded our play it’s ‘Best New Work’ of Chicago Theatre, 2016.

This Summer, Chicago Tribune Senior Columnist Rick Kogan featured ‘Pushcart Tony’ and it’s authors in the Arts and Entertainment section of the Tribune. Kogan has been a friend and advocate of our play, and previously was part of us being also featured on WGN radio, the week of our premiere.

The ideal individual we are seeking would be a professional with experience with equity actors, singing performers and associates, but more importantly, someone with great interest and enthusiasm in becoming an essential principle in the future of ‘Pushcart Tony’.

A great deal of work has gone into this play, its first performances, and our work to create consciousness for its remarkable soul and history. We are searching for a spirit to match. Our first performance was done by a wonderful non-equity ensemble from Chicagoland. For those who know non-equity theatre and it’s limits, imagine a 20 actor, 30-song original musical with 3 months to rehearse, and actors jumping in everyday!

The story and synopsis has been revised, improved, and streamlined. Michael Greitzer, the Librettist, is eager to work with a director/producer on the script to reduce the ensemble if needed and include more diversity if possible.

Please check out a quick journey through our original performance here:

We would like to discuss the steps and parameters of a partnership in regard to ‘Pushcart Tony’. In that discussion would be a place it would play, what ideas could improved upon, and how the artistic talents of our director would make this musical drama a truly extraordinary offering to the city of Chicago and beyond. We will also discuss financial considerations for all associates involved in this development. We have put this big play into a shoebox. It now needs to be put in a book. A professional book.

Please respond with essay and resume in regard to this opportunity. It is to be noted that the authors of this play are committed to a professional humility. We are seeking a leader here and fully understand our roles. You will find us ready to work, re-work, or stay out of the way.

Please do not respond if you plan to be embroiled in several projects in the coming future or do not think you can commit to what will be a serious, concerted effort in making ‘Pushcart Tony’.

Thank you for your time and attention.