Our Premiere Performance!

On June 10, 11 and 12, ‘Pushcart Tony’ had its premiere performance at the Vittum Proscenium Theater in Chicago’s Old Town. It was, to all those involved, an amazing feat by the 20-actor community theatre troupe of TesserAct Theatre Ensemble of Chicagoland, who in less than three months of rehearsal moved the audience with a 30-song, original musical drama set in Chicago’s most exciting Era!

Produced by the authors and associates alike, ‘Pushcart Tony’ expressed the faith and passion of stage theatre at the regional level.  Traveling from the NW suburbs to a dense part of Chicago’ s Wicker Park to perform, surviving an awful heatwave that blew in on opening night, and keeping up the immortally stiff upper-chin to countless costume changes, this amazing troupe of actors defined the heart of the theatre for four wonderful performances.  Bravo!

Broadway World Chicago Votes 'Pushcart Tony' As BEST NEW WORK of Chicago Theatre in 2016!

On January 23, the fine folks at Broadway World Chicago gave the actors and associates of Chicago theatre a wonderful evening of thanks and congratulations.  We are very excited to be able to say that ‘Pushcart Tony’ was awarded the ‘Best New Play’ of 2016 in Chicago.  It was a great night, and a pleasure to be among those who give their hearts to theatre!

The fact that this award was granted by audience members taking the time to vote on the Broadway World Chicago website made it even more special.  Competition for this award included some remarkable productions, and everyone involved in our play truly appreciate the great support.  Thank you all!



The Immigrant Mayor of Chicago

Within the infamous and muscular history of Chicago, there came a fifteen-year old kid to Chicago in 1889.  A tough, immigrant kid born to a coal-miner of Eastern Europe that pushed a cart of refuse lumber through the Southwest side to sell as firewood. A kid that would become the Mayor of Chicago and build the first dominant political force in our country, the Chicago Democratic Party.

The story of Anton (Tony) Cermak is the story of Chicago itself. Brought to the United States in the great immigrant wave of the 19th century, young Tony came to Chicago as an industrious teenager, seeking his own destiny. He found it in the first truly American city, Chicago, born of swamp and weed and built into a metropolis that became the heart of American labor, industry and innovation.

As the world of impassioned artists and enthusiasts know, stage theatre, and musical drama, is the most ambitious of the High Arts, and in the experience of all authors, actors and associates who were a part of ‘Pushcart Tony’, there was no doubt to it’s great labor.  But there was not a soul involved who would not do it again, and again after that.  We were a fine family, and blessed with each other.
-Michael Greitzer, Librettist

‘Pushcart Tony’ On WGN Radio!

On Sunday night, June 5th, playwright Michael Greitzer and lead actors Kyle Downs and Anne Arza had the privilege of being invited onto ‘After Hours With Rick Kogan on WGN Radio to discuss our musical play, ‘Pushcart Tony’.  In the Tribune Tower studio we discussed the history of Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak, as well as the origins and development of our musical drama.  We thank WGN Radio and Rick for showing us such consideration and look forward to talking to him again in the future.